Inscignis 2018

Exploring Science: Beyond Barriers


‘InSCIgnis’ is the annual mega science fest of Tezpur University organized by the members of Students’ Science Council, this fiesta is celebrated on the occasion of National Science Day. It is one of the leading and the biggest science festivals in North-East India. ‘InSCIgnis’ rejoices the spirit of science and innovation fostering scientific temper among masses.

The expression ‘InSCIgnis’ has been derived from the Latin word ‘insignis’ which means ushering in distinguished, remarkable or rapid mark-making development in a particular field. Unveiling a mosaic of exhilarating and thrilling events, this two-day extravaganza stands as a unique platform for intensive workshops, quizzes, webinars, experimentation and designing, fun events and symposia with eminent scientists and personalities from across the globe.

The previous editions of ‘InSCIgnis’ have seen exponential mount both in terms of eminence and enormity. Hence, carrying forward the legacy of disseminating scientific zeal all over, with the theme of “Exploring Science: Beyond Barriers” InSCIgnis 2018 promises to be regal, effectual and even more prominent this time.

Students' Science Council

The Students’ Science Council (SSC) is a body run by the students of Tezpur University. It is affiliated to the university and works for the science community. The motto is to conduct diverse activities for popularizing science among the masses. Since its inauguration in 2012 by Director of IACS, Prof. Kankan Bhattacharya (FNA, FASc, FNASc) various outreach programmes, astronomy programmes, Seminars, Talks have been organized by Students of Students’ Science Council . Along with weekly seminars on Science and Technology, it also organizes an array of celebrations viz., the Pi Day, the Mole Day and the DNA Day. It celebrates Inscignis as their mega event of the year on the occasion of National Science Day.

Students' Body, Students' Science Council
SSC Designation: Name: Studying In:
President Snehashis Parashar Physics, Int. Msc. 8th sem
Vice President Hritwik Bora Physics, Int. Msc. 6th sem
Secretary Priya Bucha Jain Mathematical Sciences, Int. Msc. 8th sem
Joint Secretary Madhurjya Saikia Physics,Int. Msc. 6th sem
Joint Secretary Indrajit Nath Mathematical Sciences,Int. Msc. 8th sem
Activity Coordinator Bitap Raj Thakuria Chemical Sciences,Int. Msc. 8th sem
Outreach Coordinator Jay Debnath Mathematical Sciences,Int. Msc. 6th sem
Treasurer Debasish Das Physics, Int. Msc. 6th sem
Asst. Treasurer Himangshu Kumar Kalita Mathematical Sciences,Int. Msc. 6th sem
Spokesperson Anshumita Borgohain Chemical Sciences,Int. Msc. 6th sem
Spokesperson Manisha Subedi Chemical Sciences,Int. Msc. 8th sem
Spokesperson Amar Parajuli Mathematical Sciences,Int. Msc. 6th sem
Publicity Coordinator Arindom Bhagawaty Mathematical Sciences,Int. Msc. 8th Sem
Publicity Coordinator Jubaraj Choudhury Physics,Int Msc. 6th sem


Teachers Body, Students' Science Council
SSC Designation Name Tezpur University Designation
Chief Patron Prof. Vinod K. Jain Vice Chancellor
Patron Dr. Biren Das Registrar
Chief Advisor Prof. R.C.Deka Dean, School of Sciences
Advisors Prof. D. Deka Dean Students’ Welfare
Advisors Prof. M. Mandal Associate Dean Students’ Welfare
Advisors Dr. B. P. Sarmah Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
Advisors Prof. A. Ramteke Dept. of MBBT
Advisors Prof. N. Das Dept. of Physics
Advisors Prof. A. J. Thakur Dept. of Chemical Sciences
Advisors Dr. A. Devi Dept. of Environmental Science
Advisors Prof. S.K. Ray Dept. of MBBT
Advisors Dr. K. Baruah Dept. of Physics
Faculty Coordinator Dr. D. Mohanta Dept. of Physics
Inscignis 2018 Team
Designation: Name: Phone No.:
Student Coordinator Jyotisman Phukan 8486895567
Assistant Coordinator Angshuman Aich 8399025610
General Event Coordinator Mannat Gandhi 7576842095
Finance Coordinator/td> Pranab Malakar 9954326818
Finance Coordinator Anupam Deka 9859262408
Publicity Coordinators/td> Padmalochan Bora 8486261092
Publicity Coordinator Sharanga Nath 8761945761
University Publicity Coordinators Upacha Acharya 8811863152
University Publicity Coordinator Rajpreet Kaur 9678983365
University Publicity Coordinator Harshika Rathi 8472086206
NERLSE Coordinator Zenith Mondal 9435397688
NERLSE Coordinator Bhasamrita Sharma 7577899854
NERLSE Coordinators Rajeshree Bhuyan 9577675319
NERLSE Coordinators Ranjit Sarma 9957103526
NERLSE Coordinator Kashyap Gogoi 8403015206
Astronomy Workshops Bhasamrita Sharma 7577899854
Astronomy Workshops Rajeshree Bhuyan 9577675319
Food & Water Coordinator Imdad Ahmed 8486985380
Food & Water Coordinator Bitupan Prasad 9678515032
Food & Water Coordinator Manas Chetry 8135014761
Venue Coordinator Nilaksha Barman 8134060364
Venue Coordinator Hemanga Tahbildar 8811974422
Bookfair Coordinator Arif Hasan Biman 8638982997
Bookfair Coordinator Subham Choudhury 8471845097
Bookfair Coordinator Jeremy Ryambai 8575114099
Cultural Coordinator Tanmoy Barman 9859504446
Cultural Coordinator Barsha Rabha 8749810718
Quiz Coordinator Probit Jyoti Kalita 9706071102
Accomodation Coordinator Kankana Dutta 8724015118
Accomodation Coordinator Pratiti Goswami 7086693570
Accomodation Coordinator Neha Das 8761084780
Skit Coordinator Tanmoy Barman 9859504446
Outreach Coordinator Puspita Paul 9577427068
Outreach Coordinator Zenith Mondal 9435397688
Venue Coordinator Bishal Dutta 9678652192